6 Must Have Filmmaking Equipment Kit List for Newbies



Filmmaking can be fun if you have the right filmmaking equipment kit list, and gear for everything. Sometimes, you will find that the success of your productions will fail because of a very small thing missing. So, it all comes down to making a checklist of the most important equipment and tools to use storing valuables and shooting the video scenes you want to include in your productions. Keep in mind that when assembling tools and gear for the process, there is no single set that fits all because of the many variables such as budget, actual purpose and so on. Here are some of the best filmmaking equipment kit list, and gear to buy.

1. A Three-Point Lighting Kit

When you plan to do a lot of shooting inside rooms and buildings, you will need a three-point lighting kit. This kit is important for creating a well-lit scene that is usually achieved through setting up lights aiming at the subjects of the video from three different angles. Good lighting does not have to be expensive though, you can find three-point lighting kits at bargain prices, but the important part is to ensure that you choose lights that will produce high quality scenes.

2. Shotgun Microphones

Shooting videos can be tricky especially when the characters have to come out as natural as possible. Audio techniques are some of the areas where most people flop. It all comes down to microphone choice and set up. This is exactly what will separate pros from amateurs in film production.

A shotgun microphone helps you prepare for almost every situation during the video shooting process. This can be set up on a boom pole or on top of the camera, so it is important that when shopping around for this equipment, look for its accompanying tools too.

3. Boom Pole and Mic

At times during film production, you will end up with groups of subjects that you need to film all at once. Now, using wireless wear-on microphones will create a very poor audio effect. All you need for perfect audio during crowd scenes or any situations where you will need to collect professional audio quickly is a boom pole. In addition to this pole, you will need to purchase a shotgun mic (discussed above) and a shock mount. You might also need a wind muff for this. These will help in keeping the quality of audio high, which contributes to ensuring your videos are of high quality.

4. XLR Cables

Some situations will require professional audio set-up with the camcorders you are using to shoot the scenes. For this case, you will need to collect a few digital video essentials for filmmaking such as XLR cables so that you can capture the audio as clearly as possible. The market has various kinds of sets for this, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. You should choose depending on the use you have for them.

5. Light Reflectors

A light reflector is a must-have equipment for film production. With a good light reflector, you can turn amateur looking shots into gorgeously lit scenes. Other important equipment you may need include extra batteries, sets of lenses, external hard drives, camera bags, camcorders, video tapes, DVDs and much more.

6. High Definition Cameras

The camera may seem to be an obvious tool but if you are planning on developing a watchable film, you should not compromise on the video quality that your camera outputs. At this age, most movie watchers are very keen when it comes to video quality and that tiny detail may be the difference between your film in movie theatres or on a dusty shop shelf.

That covers most of the most important filmmaking equipment kit list, all you need to come up with a quality film. If you are in the process of starting out on film production as a career or just for your business, you can now learn more on film production by visiting professional companies.