What every director know before shooting



What every director know before shooting ?

Filmmaking is the primary nerve that depend upon it the filmmaking , the beginning of the study of stage and even the public display stage. So, every director needs to be aware about following three steps of filmmaking before hands:

The preparation of treatment :

This phase or the first step is to explain and clarify the basic idea of what the movie is about, and the basic idea of the film is the sake of art. Also, in the theory side, we can use any human sake as an idea essential to any film.

The basic idea must be characterized by total clarity, because if the idea of scenario was mysterious or non-specific scenario, it would lead to a scenario fail, and when it turns to the mysterious images displayed on the screen scenario, The spectators will get uncomfortable about the story of the movie .

In the preparation of treatment, the director must puts several points in mind , such as the method of presenting the film, and does the movie contain operative Dialog or o the suspension one?. Also, does music (or sound effects – prepared -) will be an essential component in the film?

At this point several questions need to be answered :

1. What is the purpose of the film?

2. Who is the target audience?

3. What is your target and what is his opinion about the subject of the movie?

Carrying out of research : 

After selecting the basic idea of the movie , it showing the need for detailed research on the subject, which the data must be gathered and reviewing for the sake of the accuracy at this phase .Also, it is necessary to visit places where the scenes will be recorded, and make the necessary contacts with personalities that are hired to act in the movie.

It should not be neglected any source of information even it is a simple contribution , and it is imperative to resort to the experts who specialized in various subjects. Although, information can be obtained from several sources such as books, magazines , newspapers , Archive filming and encyclopedias.

The writing of the shooting script:

The writing of executive scenario is considered as the previous phase that comes directly after the stage of start filming , and the director can resort to this kind of scenarios in some cases and issues, and should describe the visuals shot after shot and provide us with the following information:

– The number of shots, whether internal or external.

– The places and time of filming, whether by day or by night.

– Areas that we will see them through the camera.

– Different camera movements

Finally, there are several considerations that must be set by filmmakers in the entertainment industry if they want to produce a film has an effective impact on the spectators ,here are the most important considerations :

– The target behavioral

– The target audience

– Subject

– Form the appropriate Film

– Matching

As conslusion , each director should be able grasp all those steps that filmmaking go through in order to handle his job properly,and avoiding any failure of any movie that he’s charged in.