10 filmmaking cameras under $2000


The 10 filmmaking cameras under $2000 are the best for the amateur filmmakers to go out and get them and do give their filmmaking dream a quick start. The filmmaking cameras with the rise of the HD videos brought in a wave of new products right from high performance camcorder to be sold at under $2000 only for the hands free adventure camcorders and these filmmaking cameras will let you capture for just a couple hundred bucks of all the action.

Also let us all not forget about all the flexibility of the interchangeable lens system with video capable DSLRs those offered at low costs than ever before. If you are on the prowl for the new video equipment of filmmaking cameras, then here is the list for the top 10 filmmaking cameras under $2000 including all kinds of DSLRs, camcorders etc.

Canon HF G10: 

Canon HF G10 filmegg

The bar for compact presume to the camcorder is set by the Canon HF G10, the price tag for this is compared to the rest of the Canon’s Vixia line but this includes professional grade video features and controls on a wide range of scale out of all the filmmaking cameras.

This camcorder is more idea for those people looking out to add the film like the video recordings as aesthetic with the Canon HF G10 native 24p frame rate option with its suite of color modes and cinema filters. This Canon HF G10 is able to churn it out in low light image tests also with incredible performances with the help of the redesigned CMOS image sensor. But the images were not as sharp as the top-level competition, but this camcorder is strong in other areas. You will feel like handling a professional device with the manual lens ring, LED and old-fashioned electronic view in finding with a pleasant work to deal in with.

There are no XLR inputs in this one of the top filmmaking cameras. This Short Film websites where you find short movies online makes a person looking up for the professional audio equipment to the camcorder disappointed. A model identically near to the Canon HF G10 is XA10 camcorder except with a removable handlebar along with the XLR audio ports. To be clear, this does not cost more than $500, so with the G10 instead of the better off getting a separate digital audio recorder.

Panasonic HC X900

Panasonic_HC_X900M Filmegg

If you want to get a high-end consumer camcorder, then this Panasonic HC X900 is the best out of the filmmaking cameras. But this camcorder does not feel like a professional camcorder as that of the other 10 filmmaking cameras under $2000 even though this has a near equivalent multiple frame rate recording options along with the set of manual controls.

A 10 Films always boost inspiration for Filmmakers very compact design for this one of the 10 filmmaking cameras under $2000 makes this ideal for the nomad filmmaker additionally. The main issue with the HC X900 and all the other Panasonic camcorders is the apparent lack of innovation over the past few years from the company from the other filmmaking cameras.

This one of the 10 filmmaking cameras under $2000 HC X900 is almost nearly a direct copy to that of the HDC TM900 also this is identical to the HDC TM700 before this. So this offers minor updates to its flagship camcorder design with the Panasonic for three years till now.

Sony NEX VG20

Sony_Handycam_NEX-VG20 filmegg

With the increasing popularity for the DSLR everyday, Sony made NEX VG20 with a very smart thinking that combines the flexibility and image quality along with the interchangeable lens camera designed for traditional type of camcorder handling. The one of the 10 filmmaking cameras under $2000 NEX VG20 just looks like a camcorder with a rotatable LCD of large and angled view the finder of right grip that makes the handheld recording more easy. This best one out of the 10 filmmaking cameras under $2000 have been impossible in finding out the removable lens camcorder for less than $2000 but now we get the NEX VG20 for around $1600 only.

Gopro Hero2

go pro 2 filmegg

This top 10 filmmaking cameras under $2000 includes GOPro Hero2 as the wearable adventure cam for the filmmakers with an exceptional price for the technology in built in this as this is an useful tool for capturing at the first take in a high cost action sequences that we absolutely want to get in a go itself. Also from under the water shots to POV sequences from moving vehicles, this Gopro Hero2 has its unique and versatile design is always handy to the filmmaker.

Canon 7D Mark II

Canon 7D Mark II filmegg

This Canon 7D Mark II is again one of the top 10 filmmaking cameras under $2000 presenting the users with a more than capable of HD video camera along with the ability of capturing the images at up to 60 fps identical to the 5D Mark III.

Nikon D750

Nikon D750 filmegg

Nikon D750 s yet another 10 filmmaking cameras under $2000 with a great entry level DSLR camera coming with CMOS sensor recording HD 2080 at the highest 60fps. This is capable of expanding up to ISO 51200.

Sony A7R

Sony Ar7

These top 10 filmmaking cameras under $2000 has Sony A7R as this is more capable and affordable camera than that of the other 10 filmmaking cameras under $2000. Sony A7R is incredibly easy to use and compact with really great performance in low light.

Panasonic GH4


This versatile Panasonic GH4 also comes under the 10 filmmaking cameras under $2000 as this is more often used for time-lapse photography on capturing imagery in UHD 4K.

Nikon D800

nikon-d800 filmegg

Nikon D800 took the top most places in the 10 filmmaking cameras under $2000 as this gives more still images over several years with CMOS sensor, full HD 1080 with an expanded ISO range up to 25,600.

Canon XC10

XC10 Filmegg

This Canon XC10 has a power-house of compact UHD 4K camera with light in weight camera that can easily be used on a steady cam, 3 axis gimbals to capture 4K footages included in 10 filmmaking cameras under $2000.