How to become an iPhone filmmaker



Many people are searching how to become an iPhone filmmaker, as this makes us to give them some idea on iPhone filmmaker. Also few other have the question of whether they can use iPhone as their primary camera as well in shooting short films or even main feature films, so here we are going to get some clarity on how to become an iPhone filmmaker.

The main goal of many filmmaking institutes is to teach their students on filmmaking and how to get a strong feature film and documentaries using the technology they like to be with more comfort level and thus this paved way on how to become an iPhone filmmaker, as this comes up with way less cost and ease of movement of the camera and can get much more angles than with the heavy weighed cameras with the same kind of picture quality, this makes more people get attracted on how to become an iPhone filmmaker because this gives the high comfort for the filmmaker as well as for the person who is handling or shooting the film.

However, getting to know how to become an iPhone filmmaker always seems to be a little far fetching for anyone as we get to the satisfaction of the output we get from this kind of filmmaking techniques but we cannot expect the same from the audience point of view as well because audience play a vital and crucial role in making the film get through the success margin.

To be clear we feel limited when compared to the professional camcorders as they give you more traditional type of manual control, whereas iPhones have less than those, so these 10 filmmaking cameras under $2000 should be taken into consideration. Many filmmakers even get to the thought that the technology to shoot a feature film, short film, music video, dialogues mixing etc exists same like the traditional way in the pockets of the people because this leads to a high range of technical effects and skills involved in making a top level film and thinking of iPhone filmmaking makes it look like a joke as how can we produce a high level technical capabilities just through an iPhone mobile? But, one can say yes after seeing the movie Tangerine. Many of the professional filmmakers are using iPhones as their primary camera.

The Iranian film directed by Jafar Panahi named “This Is Not A Film” look quite more controversial as this gained a 98% rating from Rotten Tomatoes is one of the best example of how to become an iPhone filmmaker. This film is all about the filmmaker himself, he is made house arrest and he appeals a court’s decision for 6 year sentenced prison and on making films as his government claimed his previous film to be ‘propaganda against the state’. He disobeyed the court’s orders and he had shot the above film partially with an iPhone from his home itself. After the completion of the film, it was smuggled out of the country through a flash drive and later on this film got premiered at Cannes Film Festival.

Another example is the film named “Night Fishing” of running time 30 minutes directed by Park Chan-wook was also shot entirely on iPhone series. “Searching For Sugarman” is the most recent Oscar winning documentary film, which got completed on an iPhone because the director ran out of money to the end of the filmmaking. “Something For Nothing” is Ice T’s debut documentary film, where he made use of all the kinds of recording devices available for him during the time of shoot. The reason behind many people asking on how to become an iPhone filmmaker is due to lack of budget to afford a high quality camera.

iPhone Filmmaker starts with powerful and effective lens built in with excellent recording abilities as well. But, everyone loves the add-ons that make your camera to the capture to the next level, so consider the following add-ons to your iPhone in order to make you learn easier on how to become an iPhone Filmmaker.

Mobislyder Phone Dolly

Mobislyder Phone Dolly

Steady shots can be more essential to the movie while filmmaking, so it is better to use a dolly than the tripod. Dolly gives in the ability of moving the camera smoothly without any kind of disturbance, which is the priceless thing for any filmmaker. We can take wonderful and even innovative steady kind of shots with this dolly. Mobislyder is the best among the other dolly because this has the capability of turning on any surface with any angle into a stable one for our perfect shot to be taken.

Filmic Pro


We can change everything in a standard iPhone camera, which comes up with a limited number of functions to a fully manual controlled camera right from white balance to exposure along with the focus as well. You can also get rid of the useless assistant of anything with the built-in slate.

Red Giant Movie Looks App


If your main aim is to add ambiance to your film but if you are not in the place of buying the full editing suite, than Red Giant comes one first to the above mentioned priorities as this is one of the post-production software premier makers and offers a solution for iPhone filmmakers with one touch itself. This app allows you to get 40 filmy looks including blockbuster, black and white and this redefines the ‘on the fly’ editing mode too.

How to become an iPhone filmmaker has been the most frequently asked questions from the most filmmakers as everyone wants their project to be at low cost and with high video and audio quality and thus this even the more makes people attracted towards learning on techniques and tips. Always the things we use should be as simple as possible and even the output also matters, so definitely every filmmaker would love to learn how to become an iPhone filmmaker.