Top 5 4K cameras in market

Top 5 4K cameras in market

Top 5 4K cameras in market you are interested in shooting high quality video using a DSLR camera, the world is your oyster. With so many choices the top 5 4K cameras can be hard to decide, which camera to buy

Over the last few years the top 5 4K cameras in market have seen major advances when it comes to the video with several low cost cameras that can record well in low light with minimal noise, and, even, track a moving subject thanks to auto-focus and shoot high resolution formats. But, with so many video-enabled Top 10 Free Editing Software’s in 2016 available in today making the right choice can be tricky.

The research exhausted by Google-ing until the wee hours of the morning, wondering, and wondering over and over again what are the top 5 4K cameras in market to buy.

Canon EOS 70D

Canon EOS 70D

This camera in market is best in the ease of use, rugged applications, when autofocus is needed. The Canon EOS 70D ranks 1 out of the Top cameras in market for the reason of its quality workhorse that has never failed with excellent video quality.

This camera uses the ubiquitous Canon EF lens mount with a barnyard of lens options. Put quality glass on the cameras in market, such as the remarkable Sigma 18-35mm ART lens, and prepare to be blown away by the results.

One key feature of the 70D that might make it ideal for you versus my other picks below is its trick auto-focus. Canon calls it Dual Pixel CMOS Auto-Focus. These handy features allows us to use the touch screen to mark a subject from there the 70D will automatically track it wherever it moves. This top 5 4K cameras in market work extremely well with the 18-135mm STM kit lens on 70D about 90% of the time.

Sony Alpha A7S

Sony Alpha A7S

Low light, landscape and videographer that needs wide shots, portable applications are the top 5 4K cameras in market and Sony’s powerhouse performer comes in a tiny package, but offers stunning, cinematic performance.

In addition to the above mentioned features this top 5 4K cameras can be one of the best low-light cameras of all times by checking out some of the reviews and you might be stunned to learn that this camera can literally see in the dark.

That alone might make it the perfect choice for us as when you shoot videos even at night and darkness or any other dimly lit weddings and receptions will feel free to crank ISO on the A7S especially you may need to be surprised at how much light you can add to a dark scene without introducing noise.

Panasonic Lumix GH4 Mirrorless Camera

Panasonic Lumix GH4 Mirrorless

Capturing 4K footages without the requirement of rig, this made the camera to be the top 5 4K cameras in market upended the segment for DSLRs and video cameras as well.

This camera has an internal 4K recording without the need for an external recorder as this is more impressive and the capability of today’s much debate is standard.

Like the other cameras in market is A7S the GH4, where mirror is used, the overall camera is compact compared to something such as–my sweetheart–the Canon EOS 70D. Lenses for mirrorless cameras such as the GH4 and A7S also tend to be quite small by comparison. So if portability matters to you that is something to keep in mind.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

blackmagic pocket cinema camera

Narrative filmmakers, advanced users comfortable with color correction and grading, those interested in achieving the most cinematic image possible without breaking the bank are the key features in this camera.

This camera has very poor battery life with quirky, ergonomics below the average audio q Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera has the Short Film websites where you find short movies recording times, and a less established brand. If we want Blackmagic, out of the top 5 4K cameras in market, we already know what you’re getting, and will love it.

For most mainstream video shooters, the Blackmagic will be a novelty, and a niche camera. For the price of an astounding product, I’m especially interested to see what Blackmagic does with its second-gen iteration of these cameras.

Canon C100 Mark II Cinema Camera

Canon C100 Mark II Cinema Camera

Documentary shooters are low budget indie filmmakers are those obtained from their top 5 4K cameras in market. This one is not really a DSLR. Instead the Canon C100 Mark II Super 35 cinema camera is a full-on, professional camera designed purely for shooting video.

Including the C100 here partially out of personal interest… it’s one of two cameras we’re considering for Stark Insider videos, as we make the jump up from DSLR to the next level. We also wanted to include it here to also demonstrate how much value can be had from other cameras on the market for a lot less money.

Of course, we’re not comparing apples to apples. There are many reasons why the Canon C100 may or may not be worth the significant jump in price.

The least important part of the puzzle is probably when it comes to the creative process. For creating in something people want to watch are many important aspects like nicely composed shots, quality lighting, convincing acting, compelling plot, among a very long list. We should not do what many others tend to do from time to time and get locked in paralysis-analysis in finding the top 5 4K cameras in market.

Always these kinds of cameras can get to reasonable prices offering with top image quality is to be chosen as there are many more cameras coming into the market o everyday with some new feature. Top 5 4K cameras in market are to be chosen of our wish as that to the need of the individual on how to take the pictures.