Top 10 Free Editing Softwares in 2016

Top 10 Free Editing Softwares in 2016

Top 10 Free Editing Softwares in 2016

AVS Video Editor

When you are looking for Top 10 Free Editing Softwares in 2016, then AVS Video Editor can be the first choice with an easy to use, professional-quality-rich & quick video editor for your Windows computers.

AVS Video Editor, developed by Online Media Technologies is offering a number of notable features such as a huge amount of effects, support for Blu-ray videos, multilingual support and the ability to share videos directly. These got through platforms with useful features such as stabilization.

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is one of the top 10 free editing softwares in 2016 video editing tools that have helped filmmakers to edit some of your favourite movies too. This video editing software developed by Apple Inc, Final Cut Pro has a number of noticeable features such as an impressive user interface, quite useful keyboard shortcuts & lots more. So, if you afford video editing in your Mac. The best video editor for Mac is assured to be Final Cut Pro.

Sony Vegas Movie Studio

If you want to create stunning videos without consuming that much system resources, then you need top 10 free editing softwares in 2016. Most probably, the Sony Vegas movie Studio is the best tool for Windows PCs.

The actually minimized version of Sony Vegas Pro is Sony Vegas Movie Studio and it is meant for the simple interface for passionate professionals with variety of features along with support for additional elements such as transitions, text, video stabilization, real time effects etc. Altogether, free editing softwares will feature to make Sony Vegas Movie Studio an all-in-one solution for professionals who do not want to spend much.

Light Works

We have seen different kinds of free editing software’s, also this video editing software’s for different platforms, but Light works is the only video editor that does have support for Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux.

Some of these top 10 free editing softwares in 2016 have unmatchable features of Light works include dedicated & powerful support for background input/output. This has to enhance video editing experience with dedicated keyboard, multi-cam editing as well as it comes on professional video editing with an impressive set of real time effects that will come in handy. The list of features also includes dedicated web export option, background export, import and rendering.


Cinelerra is also top 10 free editing softwares in 2016, this video editing tool that lets Linux users edit videos in an intuitive manner that no previous experience is required. Written in C++, Cinelerra offers powerful features that are quite simplified by means of the simple UI it has to be in free editing softwares.

You can download Cinelerra for almost every Linux distribution and the tool will be quite useful, we bet. UI Cinelerra has three sections that help editors do their job neatly — Timeline, Viewer, Resource Window and Compositor.

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is a widely used video editor available for Windows devices and it is a scaled-down version of a fully-fledged video editor from same developer to be in editing software’s in 2016. Through a number of Top 15 After Effects Plug-ins impressive features, such as drag and drop editing of HD video, timeline-based editing up to 6 tracks, DVD authoring, title and overlay creation, free training, ability for adding sounds and music, collection of royalty-free tracks, a huge collection of transitions & effects, Pinnacle Studio has ensured top position when someone is looking for an effective video editing software for Windows to be in the list of top 10 free editing softwares in 2016.


Here comes the best pick out of the list of top 10 free editing softwares in 2016, iMovie is yet another popular and immensely used video editor for Macintosh devices, which comes from Apple Inc. iMovie Theatre is one of the editing software’s that lets you watch movies from your Apple TV, ability to fine tune clips etc.

Cyber Link Power Director

Power Director from Cyber link is a consumer-focused software for video editing, and it comes with a simple UI that is capable of allowing any user get accustomed with the tool in seconds is in the list of top 10 free editing softwares in 2016.

From slideshows to stunning videos, Cyber link Power director has an option for you to make professional looking animations as well as to keep editing even when you are away from PC because Cyber link has published Smartphone applications for this tool. Apart from a number of free editing software’s in 2016, transitions that are built in can get you more from Director Zone as well.


Kdenlive, built on MLT Framework, is a great solution when you are looking for open-source video editing software that makes sense coming under the 5 Stages of Screenplay.

Available for Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X, Kdenlive offers impressive features that are impressive when it comes to preparing stunning video results. Some other features of Kdenlive include rendering that you can pause according to your need, ability to apply special transition effects, multi-track editing feature etc.


If you are looking for the best free video editing software in Windows PCs market, then ivsEdits will be one of the finer choices you can make it to the list of editing software’s. Through its simple User Interface, ivsEdits can impress almost every editor as this got to be listed in free editing softwares. Some notable features of these in ivsEdits are multiple live inputs, multi-camera editing, various video effects, realtime video I/O, hardware integration etc at top 10 free editing softwares in 2016.