Top 12 film websites followed by top filmmakers

top 12 film websites followed by top filmmakers


From the top 12 film websites followed by top filmmakers are the controlled and manufactured environment, the content of the internet has transformed in recent years.

All kinds of sites they frequent by the internet users can log in and create their own themes, subjects, arguments as well. This kind of new creations made out to give birth to the famous and popular websites like Face book, Twitter etc and even creating tools like wikis, forums and blogs too.

People with similar interest could share and collaborate freely on ideas are the new type of social media forged specifically in online communities. Like Face book, YouTube and various other blogs there are many other ever-growing websites and blogs on social media by the independent filmmakers.

For worldwide filmmakers, this presence of the websites, social media and blogs have resulted in the wealth of sharing knowledge. These 10 Filmmaking Channels to follow on YouTube are vital for many young writers, directors and producers alike these sites from becoming a hub for them.

Also, these kinds of trending blogs, websites etc teach the filmmakers to the most as digital way of communication makes way to remember more easily with more time of remembering as well. The following are the top 12 film websites followed by top filmmakers with excellent resource for all kinds of independent filmmakers in no particular order too.


How difficult is it to stay on the tight budget is well discussed in this top 12 film websites followed by top filmmakers is Filmmaker. Wide array of topics from industry news to new software updates and to the helpful tips are the most helpful articles regarding this film websites followed by top filmmakers website.

Posting on the forums and exchanging information on the filmmaking as well as their own projects are done by the members of this top 12 film websites followed by top filmmakers. This film websites have the forum as an ideal place for the independent filmmakers to seek the knowledge from their peers.

Film Riot

This Film Riot is the top 12 film websites followed by top filmmakers with a comedic twist is video tutorial site. From how to make music to how to cat for your film, every subject will be covered by Host Ryan Connolly. This film websites made it delightful departure found on the net as the humorous videos from the typical monotonous tutorials as they take a narrative structure making them to watch enjoyably.

Go Into The Story

Go Into The Story is one of the top film websites with good screenwriters to know how important it is to trade there with every trick. Advices and how to guide daily aid young writers in the creative progress has been posted by the Myers, a screenwriting professor at the University of North Carolina. These Top 10 Free Editing Softwares in 2016 blogs serve as great resource and sports an extensive list of other great websites.

Hope For Film

The Hope for Film is the top 12 film websites followed by top filmmakers has the brainchild of the American independent film producer Ted Hope. Including the 21 Grams, American Splendor and Adventureland are the few credited by him.

Advices and opinions concerning independent films are posted every day by Hope and many various guest bloggers as well. This film websites followed by top filmmakers gave a great opportunity for the beginner in filmmaking to seek and discuss insight of a professional industry.


IndieTalk is another top 12 film websites followed by top filmmakers, which is similar to as well in the community of filmmaking with exchanging and sharing of ideas in a forum.

The advices on how to get around the problems in filmmaking while not doing damage to your wallet are offered typically by the members.


This IndieWire is the top 12 film websites followed by top filmmakers in the convergence point of filmmaking and film lovers. Filmmakers read articles as production, distribution, exhibition and festival strategy by covering the above articles this website gets to the top 12 film websites followed by top filmmakers.

John August

Tim Burton’s films Big Fish (2003), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), and Corpse Bride (2005) are accomplished credits of the John August as the screenwriter is notably included. Reader submitted questions are the responses of the many blog posts.


Raindance is the top 12 film websites followed by top filmmakers besides being one of Britain’s largest independent film festivals; this Raindance also offers a treasure trove of information. This also offers 7 regional offices in six countries giving them an unusual and valuable perspective on independent films in new trends.


A Complete Filmmakers Community

Welcome to Filmegg, an online, complete film makers social media community. We welcome film makers from every background, no matter where you’re from, which stage you’re at or even which aspect of film making you’re involved in – you’re welcome to join our growing community!

Filmegg is the brainchild of aspiring film makers who believe we don’t all require a degree to carry out our passion of making movies. We are a free online community, who post regular blogs and article updates to educate our community about how film making works, with an open discussion board and a platform to share our creativity on. We celebrate people and their work from all over the world and feel no one should be discriminated or underestimated when they lack a professional film making background.

We love to teach our members for free about production, such as how pre-production are when the planning of a project ends and the content starts to be produced. Production is when the components of the movie are actually being produced and post production is where the final product is edited and made ready for viewing.

There’s so much to learn and we regularly update our website with contributions from current working film makers to show our members how they can make their dreams come true. We love to feature and promote our members work and also offer updates on regular events and happenings in the filmegg community and the international filmmaking community.

Check out our website today for more information and sign up to get regular updates, make new friends, possibly new partnerships for your next project and become a part of the filmegg experience! Thousands of people from around the world have already signed up and are taking advantage of their newfound skills from filmegg so don’t miss out.

Shooting People

Using blogs, databases, newsletters, and podcasts in the Shooting People is a network for filmmakers in serving as the means for all the independent filmmakers to connect with each other by using blogs, databases, newsletters, and podcasts.

Twitch Film

Twitch Film is the top 12 film websites followed by top filmmakers to the world of independent cinema is so widespread around the globe. Creating a central hub for the lovers of indie, international and cultural films, where this website compiles everything there is to be known.

Philip Bloom

This Philip Bloom has travelled the world with short films, documentaries, adverts and much more as a successful maker. With Kevin Spacey to his 5D Cinematography on the WWII Lucasfilm adverts with his wide range of works with Red Tails.


No Film School is one of the top 12 film websites followed by top filmmakers for DIY filmmakers and independent creativities run by Brooklyn based filmmaker Ryan Koo.

These film websites to discuss a range of topics along with articles on things such as Make-Up Tutorials to Camera comparisons, they answer both the whys and how of top 12 film websites followed by top filmmakers and help us understand the new media wave, without forgetting the old.