10 ways to come with a great movie idea

10 ways to come with a great movie idea


Watching a 10 ways to come with a great movie idea many people thought, “I can do better than that.” But when it comes down to thinking of movie ideas, most people go blank. This isn’t because most people are not creative, most people try and think of big, grand ideas instead of thinking of how movies work, then working backwards from there.

Understand the essential parts of a movie idea

Most people get stuck because they want to come up with the entire movie at once, instead of starting with the necessities and building from there in order to get to the 10 ways to come with a great movie idea.

Many movies are made up of simply mixing and matching three things like setting, character, and conflict; until you get to the 10 ways. Sometimes one of them is unique enough, this is all you need to start writing with Cabin in the Woods starts on a government-run horror movie factory, which is a unique enough idea to kick off the plot. No matter what type of movie you want to make, you’ll be well on your way if you want to come up the following:

The Setting:

Where does your movie take place in time and spaces? Do you envision a space epic or a medieval earth? Or is it simply in a small town somewhere?

The Protagonist(s):

Who is the main character? You don’t need traits yet, just a vague outline of a person. Are they a space pilot? Are they a stable boy? A dental hygienist?

The Conflict:

What does your character want? Do they want to be a hero? Do they want to fall in love? Do they hate their job/boss?

Make your movie idea out of these three simple elements:

All movies from the odd independents to the biggest blockbusters are just a matching of these three concepts to be on the 10 ways to come with a great movie idea. Don’t worry about the intricacies, subtlety, or finer points, yet these come from writing the idea. You need a strong base idea to build upon for making it to the 10 ways.

Set aside time to brainstorm:

Ideas rarely, if ever, appear out of thin air. The reason why some people seem to be on the 10 Top cameras’s every filmmaker dream’s to buy is because they take time to do it. This is as simple as grabbing a pen and paper, removing distractions, and taking some time to think. If you need help, give yourself some prompts.

Most importantly, write everything down on the subway, at home, at work. This great movie idea will be the building blocks of bigger ideas. Write about your interests any of them. Clerk was built out of nerdy passions and rooftop hockey, super, bad comes from a love of classic teen-party movies, Lincoln, was written by people passionate about history. Nothing is off limits to be on the great movie idea.

Find inspiration in real life:

In any major newspaper right now there are likely 10 things have to remember before narrating story to a producer for the 5 stories that could be turned into good movies. Real life is often stranger than fiction, and you’ll find that news stories are a great launching point for new stories.

Use these things as jumping off points the starts of plots or ideas that your imagination can then take off with can be done by these 10 ways to come with a great movie idea.

Decide on a genre:

Genre is the type of movie, and while many movies can be said to have multiple genres, most films fit closely in one or the other to be the 10 ways to come with a great movie idea. The beauty of genre is that it helps you develop a movie plot.

Tweak existing movies into something original:

You will never come up with a completely original idea of these 10 ways to come with a great movie idea. Though that sounds harsh, it is actually incredibly liberating. None of the movies ever made to drew influence and ideas from movies and art before it, and yours will be no exception for the 10 ways.

Come up with your log line to cement the idea:

Log lines are quick, one sentence summaries of your script. Good loglines tell you three things: the hook that makes the movie different, the conflict, and the characters/settings to be on the 10 ways to come with a great movie idea.

Develop your characters:

You want your characters to feel real, as if they are driving the story and not some writer in LA to be on the 10 ways to come with a great movie idea. Remember that good characters are the heart of a movie they are the audience feels for, loves, and hates, and even great movie idea will fail with bad characters. This is easier said than done, but there a couple of tips that will make your characters fit.

Personalize your idea by tweaking expectations:

It may feel limiting to have such a rigid structure on your script, but it actually makes it easier to surprise the audience to the 10 ways to come with a great movie idea.

Keep coming up with ideas:

By the practice of these 10 ways, the most important things to be realized is by no one coming up with perfectly formed ideas every time, and you will not be the exception.

Keep a notebook you fill up with ideas as you come up with them.

Try brainstorming with a friend to bounce 10 ways to come with a great movie idea off each other twice as fast.