About Us

A Complete Filmmakers Community

Our Story

Filmegg was originated by a small group of film making enthusiasts who all wanted to earn about film making, the processes, the secrets and more yet were not enrolled in film making schools. Due to financial strains and also time restraints, these film makers realised there is a gap in the current market and nowhere for film makers to connect with each other or learn about the film making process.

This is when Filmegg was created. In today’s day and age we naturally search online for answers when we need to troubleshoot or need some professional advice; however there are barely any open and inviting social platforms available which allow us to do this.

Filmegg aims to create an open and welcoming space for online users from around the world who can connect with each other, view each other’s work, offer support and advice in a open discussion board and read regular blogs and interviews by present film making personalities.

Filmegg is a global project open to everyone around the world, it does not charge its users as the whole point is to offer a free and open source to users so that they can learn and progress. We regularly advertise upcoming events for film makers to attend and showcase their work so that they can make a reliable and reputable image for themselves.

Our Mission and Values

Filmegg is a complete film maker’s community. We welcome producers, directors, script writers, camera and sound crew – anyone who is involved and passionate in film making. Our platform is open to everyone so it doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur, student or professionally working as a film maker. We welcome everyone as this is the only way to grow as a community and for us to improve upon our skills.

We do not discriminate anyone on the basis of their gender, cast, ethnicity, religion or sexuality. You can showcase your work on Filmegg and make your profile with a stage name if you wish, rest assured your work will be appreciated for what it is and nothing more.

We welcome users from around the world so that we can all connect and share our ideas with one another. We aim to have regular blogs by guest bloggers who can share their experiences and stories, their tips on how they got to where they are and how you can increase your exposure.

We value everyone’s contributions to our website and our open discussion boards reflect the welcoming and inquisitive nature of our users in how we all wish to learn more and share our film making passion.