History of Short Films

History of Short Films

The History Of Short Films or birth of films was in way back 1878 when a running horse has been recorded by using 24 stereoscopic cameras by Eadweard. Later on there have been many changes in film making and there are many types of films and one among them is Short films. Especially now-a-days we here a lot of buzz on films as well as on short films too. Short subject is the initial name given instead of short films in way back in 1910s. Films are mainly made to express one’s innovative ideas and feelings with all others on a wide range in web portals and even sharing it with others with ease. Films which are of low budget or even no budget(in few cases) and with short span of time i.e. less than forty minutes are usually termed under Short Films. Actually short films are to be made to showcase the talent of the many youngsters and amateurs who act as directors, actors, technicians etc who are involved in that short film so as to prove themselves and their talent and finally to get a big chance to be telecasted their talents and skills on big screens in near future. Many of the present big stars on silver screen are either stage artists or short films actors.

Short Films are started in order to encourage and develop even small artists and also upcoming future stars to get into the work experience as well as to get used to those kind of situations when taken into big screen movies. Many short films are being started on every single day but very few of them get through the success margin.

So to differentiate one kind of films from another and even to easily watch one kind of films which we are desired to are grouped and termed as genres of short films. According to these genres there are many kinds of awards and rewards every year for short films all over India and world also.

Action, adventure, artistic, biographical, comedy, horror, thriller, romantic, documentary, experimental, animation, drama, film noir (the mood, style, point of view of a film) , historical, war, musical, crime and gangster, educational, fantasy, poetry, science fiction etc are various styles in short films. Every year there may be thousands of short films just on single genre of above, so to make your short film the best among them you need to have a ‘think out of the box’ vision and ofcourse you need to be able to showcase it in your respective film to get applauded and noticed among those many short films.

There are many areas and countries where they conduct short film contests and the winners are awarded in huge. Clermont-Ferrandshort Film Festival, Curta Cinema, Palm Springs International Short Fest, Leuven International Short Film Festival, Festival Tous Court, Foyle Film Festival, Kerry Film Festival, Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, Aspen Shortsfest are the Short Film festivals under Fiction Narratives genre; Interfilm Berlin, Bucharest Film Festival, Black Maria Film Festival, Circuito Off are the Short Film Carnivals under Experimental Works genre; Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival, Filmfest Dresden are the Short Film festivals under Animated Films genre; Zinebi Bilbao, Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Odense International Film Festival are few Short Film Carnivals under Documentaries genre.

Making Of Short Films

Short Films are some of the most expressive and magnificent artistic form where a director’s dream is to be reached by the actors and visual makers during the course of making that film. It may take days and even months to shoot and the film and for editing it may take less duration in case of specialized artists and when compared to the shooting, editing takes much more time by the newbies especially and even for specialists to make huge effects.

The main elements in making a short film are writing the script scene by scene to our desired genre, making a few sum of money, costume designs & make-ups, sound-recorder, lighting, perfect people who can suit and make your script visual on screen i.e. actors and production people. The digital camera, computer having video editors, scene makers and other necessary tools. Also you need to maintain a Time Coding sheet as well to better yourself from time-to-time and even to know how much the cast and crew are capable of doing the work.

Promoting Short Films

There are many ways of successfully promoting your short film as below:

  • Creating a website that best suits your short films on social networking sites such as facebook, twitter etc.
  • Release a teaser on your short film atleast before 3 weeks of original release of the film.
  • Also make your cast and crew friends and relatives to know that they are involved in that following short film so as to increase the number of viewers with ease.


  • Post Release

We need to be different in taking in aspects after the release of your short film. Either it may be successful or a failure we need to take both the positive and negatives in a positive manner so as to learn something and to put in your next featured film.