Low Budget Filmmaking

Low Budget Filmmaking

A low budget films is a movie made with little or no funding from any kind of major film studio or private investor or producer.

Many independent films or open source films are made up of low budgets and even sometimes filmsmade on mainstream with no kind of experienced filmmakers can also have no budget or very low budget films.

Also many young filmmakers choose to shoot low-budgeting films so as to gain confidence among themselves and even get some experience and by doing this they let the other filmmakers know about the capability of what they are able to do so as to get into big projects. But many of the low budget films do not gain enough attention and even they are not released in theatres and often they are directly sent to the retail stores in form of CDs and DVDs etc mainly due to lack of marketability, screenplay etc because of the low budget given to the film. Also a low budget film in one country or state or region may also be a big budget film in some other country or state or region as well.

Horror movies are one of the most popular genre of low budget films which are often considered as more number of directional debuts where the fans or audience are more attracted to the film than to the actors in the film. Thriller movies are also prominent genre of these low budget films because they focus on the narration of the filmmaker. Science fiction films also come under this low budget films when you do computer generated imagery which can be affordable but in many cases this does not come under low budget films genre because these sort of films need high visuals etc which cannot be made at low budget every time.

Money flow in the filmmaking is the unique system because of the uncertainty of the demand they get because the filmmakers will never know how far the film they are going to release is being to be successful. Also some well known actors may join these kind of low budget films for getting a portion of the gross the film gets.

Making your first film will be the most stressful thing you have to attempt and next to it you have less money which makes it more difficult. You need to choose in people you are going to work with people who are challenging you inspite of being afraid to be candid which infact turns you to do better. Work with that kind of people who you respect and not those who will simply be nice at times. In addition to it work with the people whom you deeply trust within them which in turn makes them committed to the betterment of the work. Even if there may be any kind of disturbance during the making of the film, the trust within you and the people who are your trusty binds together not to get apart and in turn results in making the best film possible. These kinds of collaborations are very rare. Once you find one then make sure you hold onto it with all your strength possible.

Also it is tempting to get a few friends and start making a film with those which in turn stays foolish because we need to select the required skillful person for that particular work among our friends and if there are none then make a friend of the most skilled person in that area. For the low budget films, critics act as the best friends to the filmmaker who give the power to create a positive buzz and help in garnering attention from the distributors.Also by this we can get to know what they are hoping to get from us so as to make ourselves more improved way.

The equipment needed for even a low budget films are DSLR or Cannon 700D camera, microphone or headphone for sound recording, tripods or monopods formoving camera, F & V R-300 ring light as lighting, iMovie or Adobe Premiere Proediting software.

We need to keep in mind that story is everything when it comes to low budget films because if there is a reasonable story then no-one finds any flaw even if we put it with a low budget. Make sure that all the characters in the film have a specific goal and reason in its own way. It is also the fact that generally a human gets more attracted to the background scores which are played than to the scenes they visually enjoy because sounds give you the feel of that action so a professional filmmakers may concentrate more on the soundings and background scores.

Many say that luck fetches you success but we need to accept the truth that luck only favours to the person who is more passionate in his work and willing to do as much hard work as possible by him will only achieve success. Some may not succeed directly from the way they started but the person with peer concentration level and with full dedication and faith in what he is doing will definitely achieve peaks in his life. Low budget filmmaking is also started casually by many people but which may even turn to be a great success and the crew involved in it may get to it as their life too.

Some of the most successful low budget films are :

Pather Panchali (1955),

Night Of The Living Dead (1968),

The Last House On The Left (1972),

Pink Flamingos (1972),

Deep Throat (1972),

Curry Western (1975),

Rocky (1976),

Shantranj Ke Khilari (1977),

Eraserhead (1977),

Halloween (1978),

Mad Max(1979),

Chan Is Missing (1982),

Slacker (1991),

El Mariachi (1992),

Saw (1996),

The Full Monty (1997),

Brother (1997),

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels(1998),

Pi (1998),

The Blair Witch Project (1999),

Open Water (2003),

Napoleon Dynamite (2004),

Tarnation (2004),

Primer (2004),

Super Size Me (2004),


Paranormal Activity (2007),

Bronson (2008),

The Purge (2013).